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Salus Vita Compassion Backpack "Amur-Heilong" named after the Region in northeast China and in the Russian Far East. The region contains one of the most biologically diverse temperate forests in the world, extensive steppe meadows and the unbroken taiga biome.


Dams, pollution and habitat destruction endanger the ecological balance of the Amur Heilong Basin. In addition to local pressure, this fragile ecosystem is threatened by the international demand for wood, energy and animal products. Recent climate trends are changing migration routes and changing weather patterns that affect the health of local wildlife. *


With our Salus Vita backpacks, we want to raise awareness of the conservation of our rainforests and the saving of the species endemic in them.


* Source: WWF


Salus Vita Compassion "Amur-Heilong"

  • Made from durable Maruyama tarpaulin and upcycled denim. Weatherproof. With a name tag, adjustable shoulder straps and a chest strap for perfect weight distribution on the shoulders.




    Height / width / depth: Reg. Approx. 45cm x 29.5cm x 15.5 cm

    Weight: approx. 750 g

    Volume: approx. 20.0 l

    Main compartment zip

    13-inch laptop sleeve

    Padded back

    Adjustable, padded shoulder straps

    Handle on top

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